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5 months ago
do people actually do this without shame?
Jeff 2 months ago
My wife admitted going to a night like this years ago. She says she didn't do anything though. A few weeks ago she was drinking wife her friend and i overheard them reminiscing on past wild times. Turns out the both took turns sucking a male stripper and my wife took a cum facial.
Yo dude 5 months ago
How wet do you think some of those women are right now
1 month ago
I would kill (not realy)my fucking wife see her doing that shit
Polygamist 1 month ago
Love to watch women sucking stripper cock. I also keep an eye on which women pull out their tits, spread their legs and are willing to get fucked in public. Those are potential free use cum dump wife candidates. I need my own free use cum dump woman to get married to.
Earl Washington Jr 1 month ago
I really want a relationship, but a fuck buddy would be nice!
Lloo 1 month ago
Dose anyone know why all this kind of video look like they are from the early 2000s? Like almost every single video similar to this one look like either late 90s or early 2000s idk why ( just curious)
Women 1 month ago
All women are whores if they're around other whores.
Justcame 1 month ago
I would have joined
1 month ago
This really happens?!?!?!